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RE: PC2PSK: OPS Normal

> There are other "cheap" options to get active on 10 meters then these 
> discontinued radios, most cb transmitters can easely be retuned to 10 
> meters by changing a xtal and many modern cb models can even 
> do it with 
> a jumper mod. These transmitters might not be as good in 
> filtering as we 
> are used to but they are not very expencive and would work 
> just fine to 
> transmit psk31 or mcw etc.

There's also a number of "pirate CBs" sold as "10 metre radios" on the
market that are still available today (or at least have been in the last few
years) that would also work with MCW or PSK in the mic jack.

I have a HT version of one of these (Dragon SS-201), which I have used to
work Mode A portable.  The mobile/base versions typically run 25W PEP on
SSB.  One thing to watch is check all is up to spec, as my rig does have a
somewhat high degree of carrier leak, and it tends to drift a little (spose
with Doppler, that doesn't really matter! ;) ).
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