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PCSAT2 PSK Transponder mobile

PC2PSK Saturday Morning pass report:

Copied PC2PSK in my mobile with only a mag-
mount 1/4 wave dual band antenna on the roof
and my mobile UHF FM rig.

PCSAT2 was on a 40 degree elevation pass..  
Squelch opened for at least 5 minutes of the pass and 
was full quieting for at least 4 minutes of the pass.
Signals were better while approaching and dropped 
out sooner while receeding.

Had to start at 435.285 and end at 435.265.

I didnt have laptop with me, but could hear a few
PSK signals and a few CW sigs.  And the signals
will be 6 dB stronger after the ARISS school voice 
contact on Monday.

Passes get earlier by 27 minutes a day. so in the
northern hemisphere for the next 2 weeks, all the
passes will be in the evening, prime time.

Bt this experience in my Moblie showed that a
simple 1/4 wave dual band magmount can hear
PC2PSK transponder  when ISS is above 10 degrees
or so..

PS, to date, no one has reported a 2-way...  CW is also
welcome until we see more activity.  Uplink is 29.401 
CW and PSK and donwlink is 435.275 +/- 10 KHz of

de WB4APR, Bob
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