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Re: PC2PSK: OPS Normal

Rogerkola schreef:

> There was mention earlier of the HTX-10 and the HTX-100 which I erased 
> before I had this thought...
> The note was that there were "modifications" which could be made to 
> the rig to support CW. The most popular mod was a MCW external tone 
> generator into the mic jack.
> Well, with the current batch of soundcard modulators and demodulators, 
> one might be used in place of the external box to generate CW or 
> PSK31...good examples are HamScope or MixW. I don't know if they can 
> be set up full duplex, but you could run two instances if you had to.
> Roger

There are other "cheap" options to get active on 10 meters then these 
discontinued radios, most cb transmitters can easely be retuned to 10 
meters by changing a xtal and many modern cb models can even do it with 
a jumper mod. These transmitters might not be as good in filtering as we 
are used to but they are not very expencive and would work just fine to 
transmit psk31 or mcw etc.

73 de Andre PE1RDW
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