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Re: SDR Prototype transponders

> So it would be great to have such hardware (software) on board of new 
> spacecrafts but on the same time I think we're smart enough
> to not rush into launching complex technology like this before it is 
> tested through and through.

I see a lot of university and govt sponsored satellites go up with 2 week or 
maybe 2 month missions, lots of power generating capability, and lots of 
spare room inside. In my mind, we, meaning all of us in any of the AMSATs, 
should be offering these projects options like a small SDR transponder to 
extend the usefulness of their satellite (and test our new hardware). Just 
my opinion that it'd sure be nice to have a small transponder package _ready 
to go_ in case something became available. I think SSETI Express is a 
perfect example of what we can do and should be looking for. I realize 
supporting LEOs from outside AMSAT is part of the new AMSAT-NA mission 
statement, but is it part of our _practice_ yet?

Food for thought....

73, Drew KO4MA

PS I can't help but comment to the non-member who said he's never used an 
AMSAT bird, just PCsat, ARISS and the RS birds. Who do you think does the 
hardware development on the ARISS equipment? If there was ever a better 
example of why AMSAT should increase it's visibility in ARISS, I've not seen 
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