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Help with Trakbox by TAPR

My Trakbox is generating inaccurate satellite tracking data compared to tracking output of SATPC32 program which is accurate.  Typical output of each is:
                                 Trakbox                          SATPC32
AZ                                10                                   1.2
EL                                -19                                   -26
Phase                            25.9                                 7.5

The respective realtime clocks are within a second, the Keps are the same and the Trakbox firmware is version 3.50b.  I am aware that the latest version is 3.5d, however the Trakbox worked perfectly running 3.50b post 2000.  

Note that Trakbox after receiving keps with an epoch time of 223.69813493, displays a truncated/rounded epoch time of 223.69810.

Has anyone experienced this problem, and do you have any suggestions for a remedy?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Bill - N2GGQ
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