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Re: SDR Prototype transponders

Woody expunged (kj4so@nc.rr.com):

> Someone wrote:
> "Call me weird, but maybe I'd like to see something BEFORE I spend any
> more money".
> Actually, if you are using a member supported organization's resources 
> and you are not helping to support the organization, you are a parasite 
> or a freeloader.

Well, that's a bit harsh and doesn't help our cause to attract new members :) It's not freeloading if AMSAT is giving it away without membership requirements. 

> I would like to see many of AMSAT's resources made available to "Members 
> Only", beginning with email forwarding.

In priciple I agree, but I also recognize the fact that transitioning to that type of configuration can be delicate. We want to give something to members that is exclusive, but we'll be taking away services that we've given away for a long time. I think we (the greater we) should make a decision very soon about this and advertise for at least 6months to a year that the free services will be going away. I think if you take them away any sooner people will be less inclined to become a member. 
Just a few thoughts. 

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