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Re: SDR Prototype transponders

>  I've never been an AMSAT member, but if AMSAT puts up a decent Mode A 
>satellite, I will join.
> Jim Shorney      -->.<--Put complaints in this box
> http://incolor.inetnebr.com/jshorney/

Luc Leblanc makes an interesting point Jim, you have never been an Amsat
member but you are using Amsat's logo on your web site. You also have a
copyright notice for the Babylon 5 logo but no copyright notice for Amsat's
copyrighted logo. Since you care enough about Amsat to use the logo on your
web site, why not join up and then you can vote on who leads the organization
and make your wishes heard? It's a a measly $44 per year, 88 cents per week to
support Amsat.


Dan Schultz N8FGV
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