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Prototype Linear Transponders

>We need more linear birds.... DOn't mean to 
>flame FM birds, they have their place, but they 
>only scratch the surface of what satellite
>transponders can do.  

PCSAT2 has scratched that surface and with its linear 
uplink and FM downlink, it mixes the best of both worlds.
Yet we are only hearing between about 0 and 1
user  per pass.  The sound of one hand clapping.

The linear uplink can probably support a dozen 
or more CW or PSK users simultaneously...

Of course Today, it just so happens that we
had to turn it off for man-safety reaons during
the ISS EVA today.  But it should be back up
tonorrow and onward.


ANYONE with an FM RECEIVER can hear it, and anyone
with at least a $140 Radio Shack 10m transmitter
can work it.

de Wb4APR, Bob
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