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Re: S band on AO-51

>  Drew, if N2UN was one of the oft-repeated calls that you heard, pse let 
> me know.  I'd welcome hearing from anyone else who heard me.  I don't want 
> to be an >alligator!  The pass was way out east, so not hearing others may 
> not have been unusual.  I couldn't get on the following pass because it 
> was well after dark, and I >have to set everything up for each pass, tough 
> to do in the dark.
> 73,
> Tony, N2UN

It wasn't ;-)

If you can hear yourself on the downlink, that's the best way to tell you 
are not interfereing with others.

Try some higher passes to the east, and you''ll hear others...Good Luck!

73, Drew KO4MA 
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