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Fwd: Re: Newbie question...How important is 1.2 GHZ coverage?

>Hi Guys,
>Been busy this weekend so slow in replying on this one.
>One thing you should realize about buying a radio with the 1.2 GHz module
>enclosed in the cabinet is that you will need super low-loss cable to get
>very much of the Tx power up to the antenna.  Above 432-MHz most mw'ers opt
>to place their gear up near the antenna to get around the high cost of
>hardline.  I would suggest you might consider buying a xvtr which can be
>remotely located near your antenna.  The problem is most xvtrs are designed
>either for 1268 or 1296 and do not operate over both frequencies.  Also
>there are not many 1268 xvtrs (or tx converters) on the market right now.
>So if you decide on the Kenwood  with internal 1.2 GHz module, plan on
>adding a power amp up at the antenna.  You can get plenty power to drive a
>15w PA using RG-213 and 10w output from the kenwood.  Downeast Microwave
>makes an assortment of 1.2 GHz PA's that will work both frequencies fine.
>Sidenote:  I am using the FT-847 with a DEMI 1268/144 Tx conv. with 15w
>output (not available anymore).  I am using two 45-ele. loop-yagis for
>1268-1300 MHz.  Also have a 60w 1.2 GHz PA for when you need it :-)  I am
>running this up 7/8-inch hardline and still get less than 50% up at the
>73's Ed - KL7UW

Hi again,

I took a look on Downeast Microwave's online catalog and they now sell a
1268/144 convertor (1268-144TL) that outputs 20mw for $200kit and
$280assembled.  This can be paired with their 30w PA for $200assembled.  
So for $400-480 you can get a 30w unit that can be placed up at your
antenna and use Rg-58 coax from your 2m all-mode radio to drive it.

That is considerably better than spending $550-650 for a Yaesu, Icom or
Kenwood 10w plug-in module.  Running 120-foot of 7/8-inch hardline I only
get 20w to my antenna from my 60w PA.  Imagine what you will get running
9913 or LMR-400 from the 10w module (maybe 2w?).

DEMI also sells a 3w version: 1268-144TX ($345) 
and 18w PA (drives with 0.75w)($165kit, $200assembled)

My mode-L station: FT-847(2w)-->10-dB atten-->1268-144TX (15w original
model)-->KJ6KO 60w PA-->2x 45elem loop-yagis
the KJ6KO PA sells for $200:  http://users.innercite.com/kj6ko/forsale.htm

Ed - KL7UW 
BP40iq,  Nikiski, AK      http://www.qsl.net/al7eb
Amsat #3212
Modes: V - U - L - S
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