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Re: Tracking program limitation

David Johnson wrote:
> Hi,
> There has been a great deal of discussion of Windows & DOS based
> prediction and doppler tracking tools.
> For those people who have seen the light and moved over to Apple  
> machines :-)
> May I suggest you take a look at MacDoppler PRO, which I use  
> exclusively now,
> having moved from NOVA on Windows.
> It will quite happily drive two rigs and a rotator at the same time  and 
> it's mode handling
> is excellent!
> The URL is: http://www.dogparksoftware.com/MacDopplerPRO.html
> I have no connection with the software development, just a satisfied  
> customer!.
> 73
> Dave, G4DPZ
> AMSAT-UK 1267
> AMSAT-NA LM-2260
> ----
David and the group. Indeed you are right! The most successful program
at CUBESAT is MacDopplerPro.  My comments attempted to induce ANY PC 
programmer inspired to the point where Doppler correction was at least
as good as the Mac program hopefully faster, better and stand alone.
Remedial effort is needed to modernize ten year old PC code that does
not work properly.  Emphasis should be placed on accuracy and ease of
operation rather than attractive graphics!  Let's make CAT tuning 
actually work!  Several individuals this week have expressed such an
interest.  A revival of the old TRAKBOX which worked well, has been
proposed.  Other stand alone boxes are on the way.   Congratulations!
Cliff K7RR
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