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Re: Tracking program limitation


[I am getting HRD up to speed in the satellite area - I am testing with a 
small group of people with a view to a real working satellite-enabled HRD at 
the end of September.]

Your target of a PIC solution is good - I have suggestions for getting code 
working fast in a PIC system.

I have a C++ class which reads Kepler two-line data and provides you with 
the data you need for your computations: range-rate,  visibility, azimuth 
and elevation. Call me offline via SKYPE as hb9drv or email and I can send 
this to you (I use Visual Studio 6.0 C++). Somehow you need to be able to 
get latest Kepler data into your engine.

Re: DDE - it *is* supported, you just need to know where and how. Again I 
can provide C++ code but to be honest you are better off having all the 
source code yourself (my C++ above) so that you can do whatever you want 
without relying on other people of programs. My code is based on work 
http://www.zeptomoby.com/satellites/ by Michael Henry, he has a small bug in 
the C++ which is now fixed.

Simon Brown
www.hb9drv.ch www.laax.ch

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I've been messing around with a small program of my own, to do Doppler etc.

It current has NO graphics, and none are intended. Its just a small data

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