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Re: Newbie question...How important is 1.2 GHZ coverage?

I second Joe's opinion.  I have one of those module-less 736's, and at times 
wish I had acted earlier to get it upgraded, but the $550 (list) cost 
stopped me.  Now, even if I had the money, you can't find one.  But, as Joe 
points out, the lack of a 1.2 module hasn't stopped me from enjoying nearly 
every satellite and mode.  If you're considering not getting something else 
that will make your station work really well on the bands it has, spend your 
money there first.  Then go after the 1.2.

Greg  KO6TH


     1.2 GHz equipment is quite rare and difficult to find.  I went
searching for anything that would work 1269 MHz at Dayton this year and
found one piece of used equipment (an FM handheld).  I still regret not
buying it, and when I went back it was gone.  The only currently available
1.2 GHz equipment I am aware are the modules for the IC-910 and the TS-2000.
If you follow the newsgroups and eBay there simply is not any used 1.2 GHz
gear available.  The exception is an occasional FM radio from Japan on eBay.
Having the 1.2 GHz module will at least double the resale value of most
radios that had one for an option.  Having said all of this, I have been a
ham for about 20 years and been quite active on satellite for 18 and have
never used any 1269 gear.

     I believe the TS-2000 is probably a fine radio, but you may want to
investigate whether or not it is real usable on several satellites due to
birdies in the 435 Mhz receive.  If I were buying the TS-2000 I would want
to know that for sure.  Then I would buy it with 1.2 GHz just to help
protect my investment.  As many FT-736, IC-970, TS-790 owners can tell you,
do NOT count on the module being available later.  When the production is
done the modules will vanish.  If I were buying a radio just to have HF with
a satellite radio (and not worried about 1269 MHz) I would look long and
hard at the FT-847 and spend the money saved on antennas.

Just My Opinion,
Joe kk0sd
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>Hi everyone,
>  I am new to satellites and I've been doing a lot of research as well as
listening to Echo passes and tracking them. It appears good fortune has
smiled upon me and I'm going to be able to purchase a Kenwood TS-2000 in the
near future. I'm debating whether I need to go ahead and get one with a
1.2ghz module installed or not. I'm wondering how important it will be to me
in the future.  My budget is limited and whether or not I spend the extra
money will affect other decisions I have to make in regard to equipment for
my station. On the other hand, I'm worried about discovering I really need
the 1.2 gig coverage a year or two down the road and having to buy the unit
and send it and the rig off to Kenwood to have it installed. Any thoughts?
>Tnx and 73,
>Michael, W4HIJ
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