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Re: Newbie question...How important is 1.2 GHZ coverage?

Thanks Joe and also everyone else for the information. I realize the rig is 
only half the battle in a satellite station and antennas are a very 
important consideration. That's part of the problem here. The extra cash for 
the 1.2 gig module would otherwise be used for  a better antenna system. I 
will investigate furhter as far as birdies in the Kenwood receiver. I tell 
you though , the internet can sometimes make choices tough because you hear 
so many different opinions. I've considered the FT-847 as well  but I've 
heard some less than stellar opinions on it, especially in the HF category. 
I don't say that to upset anyone who owns one and loves it, just passing on 
what my reading has told me. Myself, I just personally have always liked 
Kenwood radios better than the other brands but I don't want to buy 
something that's going to cause me problems simply because it's a Kenwood. 
So, as I say, it makes the choice tough. An Icom satellite only radio is not 
an option because I  will have to sell my current HF rig (a Kenwood TS450S) 
and I don't want to lose my access to HF completely. It's one of the all in 
one radios or nothing.
Tnx and 73,
Michael, W4HIJ
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Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Newbie question...How important is 1.2 GHZ coverage?

> Michael,
>     1.2 GHz equipment is quite rare and difficult to find.  I went
> searching for anything that would work 1269 MHz at Dayton this year and
> found one piece of used equipment (an FM handheld).  I still regret not
> buying it, and when I went back it was gone.  The only currently available
> 1.2 GHz equipment I am aware are the modules for the IC-910 and the 
> TS-2000.
> If you follow the newsgroups and eBay there simply is not any used 1.2 GHz
> gear available.  The exception is an occasional FM radio from Japan on 
> eBay.
> Having the 1.2 GHz module will at least double the resale value of most
> radios that had one for an option.  Having said all of this, I have been a
> ham for about 20 years and been quite active on satellite for 18 and have
> never used any 1269 gear.
>     I believe the TS-2000 is probably a fine radio, but you may want to
> investigate whether or not it is real usable on several satellites due to
> birdies in the 435 Mhz receive.  If I were buying the TS-2000 I would want
> to know that for sure.  Then I would buy it with 1.2 GHz just to help
> protect my investment.  As many FT-736, IC-970, TS-790 owners can tell 
> you,
> do NOT count on the module being available later.  When the production is
> done the modules will vanish.  If I were buying a radio just to have HF 
> with
> a satellite radio (and not worried about 1269 MHz) I would look long and
> hard at the FT-847 and spend the money saved on antennas.
> Just My Opinion,
> 73,
> Joe kk0sd
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> Subject: [amsat-bb] Newbie question...How important is 1.2 GHZ coverage?
>> Hi everyone,
>>  I am new to satellites and I've been doing a lot of research as well as
> listening to Echo passes and tracking them. It appears good fortune has
> smiled upon me and I'm going to be able to purchase a Kenwood TS-2000 in 
> the
> near future. I'm debating whether I need to go ahead and get one with a
> 1.2ghz module installed or not. I'm wondering how important it will be to 
> me
> in the future.  My budget is limited and whether or not I spend the extra
> money will affect other decisions I have to make in regard to equipment 
> for
> my station. On the other hand, I'm worried about discovering I really need
> the 1.2 gig coverage a year or two down the road and having to buy the 
> unit
> and send it and the rig off to Kenwood to have it installed. Any thoughts?
>> Tnx and 73,
>> Michael, W4HIJ
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