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Re: Tracking program limitation

FWIW I now have my software working OK with the TS-2000 and FT-847, by the 
end of September it'll be 100% with the IC-910H. It's a lot of work but I 
want something than runs my station for me.

Simon Brown
www.sysgem.com www.hb9drv.ch www.laax.ch

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From: "Cliff Buttschardt" <k7rr@arrl.net>

> Hi again Simon and the AMSAT group.  Yes indeed, the entertainment value
> of our modern Doppler program reins supreme!  So few work properly.  You
> suggest that little more than a visual coverage circle is really needed.
> In fact, if no display were presented but rather the resources of the
> computer were concentrated on JUST Doppler and antenna aiming, we all
> would be better served.  Single click functions are mandatory rather
> than diverse keystrokes!  Any program that ignores transparency while
> setting the receive frequency with the front panel dial simply ignores
> assisting the operator but rather arrogantly takes over that function.
> Programs released recently have addressed these goals.  Most have not.
> Cliff K7RR 
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