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Re: Tracking program limitation

Simon Brown (HB9DRV) wrote:
> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Cliff Buttschardt" <k7rr@arrl.net>
>> All the fancy color presentations and multi views become of less value
>> when real world operating is the goal.  We have far too many programs
>> meant as showpieces to be sold rather than operated!
> You've been reading my mind.
> Given that most amateurs don't understand Doppler and are lost when it 
> comes to tracking a radio on a linear transponder the software should 
> hide the user from the underlying complexities so that they feel 
> comfortable using a FM or linear transponder satellite. (I am excluding 
> digital modes here as I don't use them.)
> As radio amateurs are becoming more appliance operators rather than 
> traditional experimenters / hobbyists I believe the above will become 
> more important. FWIW you can get a HB9 licence without ever using a 
> soldering iron!!!
> Over the last 4 weeks or so I have not heard a single linear transponder 
> QSO on FO-29 or VO-52 where both sides have been applying Doppler 
> correction.
> There are some very nice interfaces available - spinning globes, 
> satellite orbits and footprints, but actually driving the radio - that's 
> where the frustration sets in.
> Simon Brown
> ---
> www.hb9drv.ch www.laax.ch
Hi again Simon and the AMSAT group.  Yes indeed, the entertainment value
of our modern Doppler program reins supreme!  So few work properly.  You
suggest that little more than a visual coverage circle is really needed.
In fact, if no display were presented but rather the resources of the
computer were concentrated on JUST Doppler and antenna aiming, we all
would be better served.  Single click functions are mandatory rather
than diverse keystrokes!  Any program that ignores transparency while
setting the receive frequency with the front panel dial simply ignores
assisting the operator but rather arrogantly takes over that function.
Programs released recently have addressed these goals.  Most have not.
Cliff K7RR
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