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C*O*N*G*R*A*T*S Bob N4HY

AMSATer Bob McGwire (N4HY) has some exciting news. This is QSP from the 
SDR Flex Radio Email Reflector. I think you will find the ARRL report to 
be interesting as it includes some news on our SDX (Software Defined 
Xponder) development and the plan we have to have a working Mode-B demo 
at the October meeting in Louisiana.

73 det Tom, W3IWI

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Congratulations to Bob McGwier N4HY who has been appointed

as the new *Chairman* of the ARRL Software Defined Radio 
Working Group. Bob, and Frank AB2KT, have played a vital 
role in the progress of the SDR-1000 from an interesting 
experiment in 1999 to it's preeminence as one of the best 
receivers in the world in the summer of 2005.

[snip...] "They also measured the *best* 2 Khz dynamic range 
of ANY receiver in comparison with the receivers listed on 
the well-known Sherwood Engineering web page comparisons." 

Read all about it in the July 19th 2005 ARRL report from the 
SDR Working Group (sorry it is in .doc format not .pdf)
Members only. You can also login to http://www.arrl.org and 
use the search feature with Bob's callsign "N4HY" to locate 
the document.


Thank you Bob and Frank and Gerald, Eric, Bill, Bob, Phil, 
Phil and so many others for bringing us all great enjoyment 
and many super QSOs on our SDR-1000s.

Please send your note of congratulations and recognition to 
Bob <rwmcgwier@comcast.net> for his special new assignment 
that holds so much promise for the future.

de Ken N9VV

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