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Re: Please help identify packets recieved on PCSAT2 D/L freq

Thx for the come back, rules out local earth bound packet trash. I meant 
to say we don't even have active 2 meter packet here why would there be 
any on 70cm?
Anyway got a couple more overnight, Sedsat was no where near either.

Looked at what else is overhead at the times I get it..... lots of space 
debris and flying stuff at those given times, could be commercial who 
knows. I hoped it was a simple question and someone would recognize the 
[PID XX] or something.

Ahhh I got it meteor scatter and Sedsat.. just kidding or should I ask 

Thanks and 73
Brian, KC0RWZ

Ken Swaggart wrote:

>I've seen these partial 9600 baud packets too in Oregon, when setup for
>PCSAT2 using MixW.  SO-33 (SEDSAT-1) might be the source. It's listed as
>437.910 at 9600 baud. Maybe we're getting some spill-over.
>Ken, W7KKE
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