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Re: Please help identify packets recieved on PCSAT2 D/L freq

On 12 Aug 2005 at 18:19, Brian wrote:

> Hello all,
> Been monitoring PCSAT2 freq 437.980 (dopp corr) 1200 baud to send data 
> to APRS-IS, and have received the 3 following packets when PCSAT2 has 
> been no where near my QTH, EN13 in South Dakota. Might anyone recognize 
> these?
> I cannot find a font that makes it resemble what it looks like in the 
> terminal, i.e. some of the symbols below are actually hearts and clubs 
> and other symbols.
> I looked at sats I track in Nova and could find no correlation of what 
> is overhead when I get these.
> I need to do more searching. I did not see anything on AMSAT's sat 
> status page that has this freq either. As far as it being earth based, I 
> guess it could but we have no 2 meter packet system to speak of  in my 
> neck of the woods?
> My port2 which these were copied on is set up for 9600 baud which I have 
> never fully tested out. Other info, copied in terminal in UIview 2.03, 
> using Rascal soundboard interface, radio is Kenwood TM-V7.
> Any ideas?

Here what i got this morning i try to installed a KPC-9612 in hurrry with A-logger program to capture some packet here is 
what i got at LOS.

!S 15:14:00 !MONITOR  ON/ON
!S 15:17:29 
!S 15:17:41 
!S 15:17:41 

Dont know yet what this mean but i feed this through A-logger but cannot verify if it was upload over server.

Better luck next time!

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Coordonnateur AMSAT Quebec coordonnator
AMSAT 33583
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