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Re: MRO Electra SDR post-launch checkout

Jan Tarsala wrote:
> Advance information, subject to change:
> Post-launch checkout of the Electra software-defined UHF radio aboard 
> the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter will be conducted on or about 26 
> September 2005 at 437.1 MHz.  

The mars-net mailing list used in previous UHF tests is available to 
support this activity.  All are invited to subscribe as follows:

Use the "subscribe" command to subscribe to the mars-net mailing list.
Place the following in the body of an e-mail addressed to

     subscribe mars-net

The list requires an  authentication step one from your e-mail address 
to confirm your subscription. These steps are taken to help avoid spam 
on the mailing list.

You can also subscribe a friend, or yourself at another address, to the
list by appending an email address other than the one from which you
send the subscribe command.

     subscribe mars-net myfriend@example.com

You should only subscribe someone else to a the list if you are very
sure that they will not mind -- and you should ask them first.

Once you are successfully subscribed, you will receive a message titled
"Welcome to mars-net"  once you get this message, you are all set.

-Joe KM1P
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