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PC2 PSK31 multiuser transponder

There is another big advantage of the multi-user 
sharing PC2-PSK-31 transponder (with the FM 
downlink) compared to any previous linear trans-
ponder.  I was reminded of this by Peter Martinez, 
the father of PSK-31.

Power hogging was always the problem with linear 
transponders, but it will much less with this trans-
ponder because the entire downlink band is visible 
to all users.  Everyone sees exactly the same thing.

If your downlink signal is stronger than everyone 
else's, everyone else including you will see who is 
hogging the downlink AND you will see exactly your 
impact on everyone else's signal.  There will be no 
excuse for excessive power.

On a free-floater satelilte (RAFT is our next one),
this mode could be almost completely self leveling.  
But with all the blockage on ISS due to the huge 
structures, each station will see large variations in 
their signal and so it will take careful reaction to 
keep one's signal reasonably constant.

de Wb4APR, Bob
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