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Re: PCSat2 & digital modes in general


My recommendations are;
All listed below are freeware:
Satscape for satellite tracking:

WiSPDDE for CAT radio control for Doppler, works with Satscape:

For Packet:
Soundcard Packet software: 

PSK Digipan: http://www.digipan.net/   

Good luck,

Jerry  -  K0HZI

Felim Doyle M3HIM wrote:

>So, I'm finally hooked! With all of the excitement about PCSat2, the imminent rebirth of PO-28, the ISS digi-peater etc. I guess I have to get some kit for digital modes.
>For the second year running, despite my substantial investment in raffle tickets both years, I failed to win the coveted TH-D7E at the AmSat UK Colloquium. :-( However, I was very glad to see it go to a newly licensed amateur from our TU Delft Netherlands contingent. :-) Well done and good luck!
>Currently, my radio kit includes an FT-817, TH-F7E, FT-50 and an IC-T8E. I'm looking at using a software / soundcard solution but would also be interested in recommendations for stand-alone TNCs.
>All comments welcome.
>Félim M3HIM
>RSGB: RS184119
>AmSat UK: 6464
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