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PCsat, ARISS and PC2 ground stations

PCsat (one):

As we are spending time with PCSAT2, we have 
noticed that the original PCsat is also responding 
well to commands in the Northern Hemisphere in 

I have been able to get control of Both the A and
B sides and command low power mode, but it still
dies in the dark over the eastern hemisphere.  I can't
really see where, since the only stations feeding the 
internet anymore that I see on:
are D07VLR and N1BHX and WD4LSS.

So I have not gotten any data from the eastern
hemisphere showing me how long it stays alive
before running out of power and resetting.

I do not want to spread our monitoring assets too 
far, because currently the priorities for SATGATES are:

1) 437.975 9600 bd for PCSAT2  data
2) 437.975 1200 bd for PCSAT2 telemetry
3) 145.800 for ARISS packet data
4) 145.825 for the original PCsat

I dont want to take any stations away from the
higher priority frequencies, but if there are
any latent ground stations that have simply
let their monitoring stations die from lack of
interest, they could be re-activated to provide
useful data to the system.

Now that Phil Pacier has set up a dedicated
SATGATE server, and now that the typical
javAPRSserver software now can be filtered, this
means that people can feed satgate.aprsca.net:10150
with satellite packets and not have to consume
any bandwidth on their own internet connection
from the global feed if they dont want to.

So again, we welcome more unattended satgate
monitoring stations as all of our existing satellites
PCsat, PCSAT2 and ARISS depend on them as
well as our future satellites manifest for next
spring: ANDE, RAFT and MARScom.

To set up a satgate, just tune a radio and TNC to
one of the channels above and run your favorite APRS 
software and connect it to satgate.aprsca.net:10150
or run ALOGGER which also now has serial port
support for a TNC as a satgate monitoring station.

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