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Re: Satellite tracking applications: Predicting a viable path??

Many thanks to all that responded to my inquiry.
 Virtually all of the suggested applications appear to require a modest
 I tried out Winorbit, the one application which was identified as being
'free'. It worked well, though I first had to grapple with the slightly
convoluted method of downloading TLEs from Space-Track using TLEretriever.
Then, move the downloaded data into the correct folder and restart Winorbit.
 The outcome was interesting: A path from Washington DC to Switzerland is
feasible via FO-29 ! About one pass every two days, and just above grazing
incidence, but nevertheless, a possibility.
 When my personal situation changes, I will fork out the fees, and
experiment with the other applications too.
 Thanks again for all the information.
 Iain KI4HLV FM18jw
 On 8/8/05, Iain McFadyen <ki4hlv@gmail.com> wrote:
> Good day to all:
>  Does anyone know of any satellite tracking program or applet which can
> look ahead and predict when a particular satellite will be simultaneously
> visible from two locations?
>  {Rest of text deleted}
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