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Re: Help buying a PDA (PocketPC) for PocketSat

I'm using a hand-me-down PalmVx.  Works very well, and I am impressed at how 
much functionality is in that one tiny program.  It would be nice to have a 
PDA that was in color and back-lit, but a) the price was right, and b) 
battery life is great.  My other PDAs are a WinCE machine (WinCE is a 
verb!), basically useless, and a vintage HP 100LX Palmtop that I still use 
as my appt / phone / notes / etc workhorse in the office.  The 100LX will 
run some of the older satelilte apps, but nothing as good as PocketSat.

Greg  KO6TH

Paul Weiss wrote:


I'm looking to buy a new PDA (PocketPC) to run

What are you using?

Still looking myself.  I have a Toshiba e740 and a PalmIIIx and haven't had 
much luck with it running on either.  It will barely run on the Palm and 
usually crashes before I can do anything usefull with it.  On the Toshiba it 
will run and seems OK - but I've yet to have it go even a full pass before 
it crashes the whole PDA hard requiring a full reload :(

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