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AMSAT Website Content

In recent months there has been a number of postings on amsat-bb and  
via private exchanges concerning AMSAT website content and the need  
for updates and correction of technical information that is currently  
available on our website.  We are actively developing a team that  
will do a thorough technical content review of the AMSAT website and  
systematically provide updates as needed.  The team is tasked to do a  
systematic review and when updates/changes are needed, to put  
together suitable material to replace the current posting that needs  
correction.   Our expectation is that by having several individuals  
involved with this effort, the review process can be completed prior  
to AMSAT Symposium and that the team might take the opportunity at  
Symposium to meet (if needed) and finalize any plans/enhancements  
that they may have for providing updated materials.  The Symposium  
could also serve as an opportunity for gaining feedback from  
individuals as well concerning web content.  We also expect that once  
the technical updating is completed, the team leader will continue to  
be available to serve as manager of technical content so that our Web  
Master (W0EEC) doesn't need to be as involved with content issues  
which will free her to focus her energies on several AMSAT projects  
that she is actively developing for us.

Please expect an announcement by early next week concerning which  
individuals will be serving on the review team and how individuals  
who wish to provide input as part of the review process can submit  
their suggestions.

Barry A. Baines, WD4ASW
VP-Marketing & User Services
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