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Re: Computer Woes...

Dear Friends,

I sent this comment to Emily privately; but after thinking about it, I've
decided my comments need to be expressed globally......

Dear Friend,

I've been following the Computer Woes thread briefly..... briefly, because I
don't have much time to spend on these types of un-productive comments and
remarks. I don't know how busy the rest of the folks are, but damn, I'm
extremely too busy to fuss with this kind of thing.

This is not being sent globally because I don't want to contribute to a dead
end thread!

I don't see anyone else contributing as much as YOU do to AMSAT and
volunteering above and beyond the call of duty TOO BOOT!!!

These folks who are commenting, one never hears from very often..... It looks
like they are sitting back and complaining about things and are not
contributing anything.....

I didn't go through the definitions page and I'm not going to comment on that.
I will say this, however, from what I've observed from you, you are very
thorough.... I'm not sure of some of these definitions and would need to
research the exact meaning....

Regarding the 70 cm filter, I have a different viewpoint from you, but that
doesn't mean that you are wrong! All it means is that we have a basis of
discussion to go from here. I admire you for writing the paper and publishing
it. It needs further discussion. Isn't that what our community is all

Dave Smith / W6TE
AMSAT Area Coordinator
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  Sent: Monday, August 08, 2005 6:39 PM
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  I'm at a loss to see how Kevin's post could be viewed as anything except an
  attack on Emily. His post publicly accused Emily of technical incompetence
  and implied she refused to correct misinformation on the AMSAT web site.
  As I said in my previous post, a public discussion of the merits of the web
  page and by implication the merits of Kevin's complaints would have been
  much more appropriate.
  I believe the lack of civility on the part of some users of the AMSAT-BB
  deters many potential volunteers from participating in AMSAT activities. It
  certainly keeps me from volunteering.
  Steve .. AI7W
  LM #2270

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  On Mon, Aug 08, 2005 at 06:01:41PM -0000, Steve wrote:
  > Kevin,
  >   In my opinion, this posting is inappropriate and un-called for. A
  > discussion about the merits of the article in question may have been

  >From what I am reading, every attempt was made by Kevin to rectify the
  found through the channels given. It is unfortunate, that you took this as
  an attack on a volunteer rather than the frustrations of another volunteer.
  I can see there appears to be a lack of communication here.
  Let us work together to rectify the problems!

  - 73, Diane VA3DB
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