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Re: Re: Website Request

Unless I have (again) taken leave of my senses I think that the NORAD 
Satellite ID number is at the start of the second line of the two line 
Keplerian data. So this resolves any issue I may have - if I know the 
satellite's name from the Keps then I know its number. Rooty-toot!

Currently waiting for the POSAT pass to see how loud it is now that I have 
my AlfaSpid rotator tracking properly.

Simon Brown
www.hb9drv.ch www.laax.ch

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From: "Felim Doyle M3HIM" <felim.m3him@ntlworld.com>

It is not beyond the realms of possibility that more than one pseudonym 
could not be assigned to a bird. If the server is Linux/Unix based then one 
method would be to use symbolic links to point several pseudonyms to the 
same page but this should also be easily achieved in the HTML code itself. 
Either way, NORAD catalog number, pre-launch name and OSCAR-nn, ?O-nn, ?Onn 
designations could all be represented and point to the same information 
without duplication.

Félim M3HIM 
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