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Re: XML and CVS; was: [...]


There wasn't any plan to provide a CSV XSLT, but there is a plan to 
provide CSV directly as a .csv file.  This makes sense since it is 
one instruction once we have queried the database.  I haven't made a 
decision about which flavor of CSV to use or whether or not to 
delimit fields with commas or semi-colons but whatever format we 
generate will be able to be opened in Excel directly.

We certainly will accept any help generating XSLTs - let me know if 
you want to contribute in this way.



At 03:47 AM 8/9/2005, you wrote:
>As Jim suggests, these goals aren't exclusive of each other: an XML format can
>be transformed into CSV using an appropriate XSLT stylesheet. Many modern
>browsers will do this client-side. If the web team puts together an XML schema
>and conforming documents that express the highest possible amount of
>information, the rest of us can work on 'downconverting' this to our 
>favorite. I
>have 5 years' experience with XSLT, so I'll offer to write 
>downconverters to CSV
>for Simon and others if the web team does not have plans for this already.

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