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Re: XML and CVS; was: Raw Data feed of Sat details from AMSAT Web Site. Was [ POSAT MODE -YOUR SAY]

At 07:47 AM 8/9/2005 -0300, Bruce Robertson wrote:
>On the theme of constructive web concepts, I have an idea which might be well
>suited to the 'Members' Only' section of the Amsat site. As a newcomer to
>field, I'm always on the search for descriptions of working stations for
>satellites. Could I hear AO-27 with a 145 MHz jpole fed by 30' of LMR-400?
>would an operator with a RHCP beam compare that on VO-52 to a vertically
>polarized beam? What I'm imagining is an 'equipment and satisfaction'
survey, in
>which the entire receiving and transmitting system could be described and
>in a form-fill, database-driven manner. I expect that many AMSAT'ers know the
>losses, gains and noise figures of their equipment quite accurately.
>through this material would give newcomers a wealth of information which
>be truely unique and possibly get them on the air faster. 


Actually this can be implemented by an excel spreadsheet where the
parameters are "filled in" by the user.
AO40_S2 was such a program written by Gene Marcus, W3PM, for analyzing
station performance on AO-40.

I have produced such programs for evaluation eme station performance.  The
largest problem is obtaining the characteristics of the satellite or
spacecraft to begin with.  Once that is in-hand the link formulae are quite

Ed - KL7UW 
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