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Raw Data feed of Sat details from AMSAT Web Site. Was [ POSAT MODE -YOUR SAY]


I want to voice my full support and encouragement re providing the status
data in a more structured form per your comments below.

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> This is an area that is currently under 
> re-development.  Currently information is in 
> discrete HTML pages that were authored by several 
> people over time. ...

Yes, there is a range of styles and levels of details.

> The redesign involved designing a database to 
> hold the information in a consistent 
> manner ...

Bring it on please.
> Once we have "blessed" the database design we 
> will provide an RSS feed and an XML interface with DTD and XSLT.

This is good news as others have already commented.

Once you have the core database content and update processes in place, it
would be great if you have a few different pages that all draw from the same
raw database.

Clearly, a very rich one for humans, but also a very light one too please.

Speaking as someone that wants a really simple way to "read" it via a
program into something else (I have yet to finish), I'd like one of the
options to have a very condensed format. In the style of a Keps line, where
there are defined fields.

As someone already asked, a simple CSV, with as many fields that can be
usefully defined re status, start date/time, end data/time, modes, freqs

While a very rich feed such as XML/RSS will be great for my PC, an
alternative "light" one that can be consumed by a lesser platform would also
be welcome.

Once a somewhat light text version becomes stable, that would become an
important document to have someone pick up and forward via the packet
networks, and also have sent via whichever of the sats are in digital modes.

We should assume that at least some of the digital modes users are not
Internet connected.

NOT sure I really have an important point other than to encourage the effort
as your have already advised: RSS, XML etc.
Once that's there, we can slice, dice, and reformat to our hearts content!

> There is no "timetable" per se - this is all done with 
> volunteer labour.
> 73,
> Emily

Thank You to you and the other volunteers.

Jim Towler, ZL1TYF
New Zealand.

Member: AMSAT New Zealand.
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