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RE: Computer Woes...

 	First of all, I deeply dislike this sort of exchange. I consider a polite,
considered dialog to be much more productive and certainly more pleasant.
That said I stand by my previous posts.

Assuming the errors mentioned do exist (I haven’t actually checked) that
still doesn’t justify Kevin’s post. If the system of peer review doesn’t
work or doesn’t exist then that should be the subject of discussion.

	Your reply to my post actually illustrates my point.

>So in short you stated:
>"...the lack of civility on the part of some users of the
>AMSAT-BB....keeps me from volunteering."
>Perhaps an exaggeration? A misstatement? Surely this is a
>short sighted view!

	You took my statement “I believe the lack of civility on the part of some
users of the AMSAT-BB deters many potential volunteers from participating in
AMSAT activities. It certainly keeps me from volunteering.”  And quoted it
out of context, leaving out the words “I believe” to make it appear to be a
flat statement rather than a personal opinion. You then accused me of
exaggeration, misstatement and short sightedness.
	Although I’m sure there are some who wouldn’t find this offensive, I
believe there are many others, like myself, who see no reason to volunteer
if they are to be spoken to in this manner.

Steve .. AI7W
LM #2270

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From: Andrew Glasbrenner
Sent: Tuesday, August 09, 2005 03:01 UTC
To: Steve
Cc: amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org
Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Computer Woes...

Kevin, myself, and MANY others have tried to get these corrections done
through the proper channels, up to and including the President of AMSAT
himself. No results. Have you read the information in question? While the
solution works and has been in use for years, the errors in the theory are
appalling, and indicates that there is no working system of peer review or
content control on the website. The glossary is even worse.

Merely volunteering does not excuse one from responsibility to accuracy. Nor
does it exempt one from criticism. While I think the website overhaul in
general is an outstanding feat, and very well put together, the continuing
refusal to accept or make corrections is not an acceptable situation to this
member, or the others I've heard from. If there isn't time to correct it, it
should be removed until that time is available or a volunteer solicited to
fix it. No information is better than bad information.

Again, let me couch this in clear terms. The website is fantastic. The
newsreel feature is great, the store is brilliant, the sat status page is
useful, and the prediction page is one of the finest things AMSAT could have
done for sat users. The lack of accuracy and technical review in some of the
articles is appalling and embarassing. Go read it for yourself.
http://www.amsat.org/amsat-new/echo/ModeJ.php and

Emily and the "web team" now have a volunteer with fine credentials to
correct the glossary. Let's see if the problem gets fixed this time.

73, Drew KO4MA

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From: Roger Kolakowski [
Sent: Tuesday, August 09, 2005 02:46 UTC
To: Steve
Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Computer Woes...

Hi Steve...

So in short you stated:

"...the lack of civility on the part of some users of the AMSAT-BB....keeps
me from volunteering."

Perhaps an exaggeration? A misstatement? Surely this is a short sighted

While Emily is doing a great job at organizing the web page, it has
previously been pointed out that she is defensive and stingy about out
tasking some of the areas that might be beyond her expertise due to her
"time in grade."

If AMSAT.org represents AMSAT, and the information on it is incorrect, a
prompt effort should be made to correct the errors. IF Emily ignored the
efforts to bring the corrections to fruition, then she holds dangerous power
in the AMSAT organization. The "checks and balances" in the system are

I pay my dues and volunteer because I am proud of the organization, if it is
not self correcting, how can I justify referring people to it as
representative of our engineering skills?

Maybe Emily's BOSS should be involved, oops, as far as I know she has no

Frustration sets in....

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