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POSAT reception experience


I monitored the POSAT commercial downlink (429.950 +/-10KHz) on a 47
degree elevation pass just east of my QTH.

Using a FT 8800 dual band rig with uncalibrated "S" meter, 24 feet of 9913
coax connected to a diamond 500 vertical on 16 foot mast.
"typical home station"

I judged doppler tuning by difference between random noise and seemingly
"smooth" noise which I take to be digital.

I began to recieve at 6 degrees elevation and the signal built up to
1,2,and 3 segments on the meter as it climbed to maximum elevation of 47
I noticed a slow decline in strenght as the satellite descended to end of

I was surprised at how strong the satellite was. 

Assuming the satellite will be both digital and FM phone, everyone should
be able to use it with a minimal or basic station.

This will be good for beginners and those who wish to concentrate on the
actual contact without hardware distractions.

73, patrick N2OEQ
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