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RE: Computer Woes...


  In my opinion, this posting is inappropriate and un-called for. A public
discussion about the merits of the article in question may have been
justified but this post, no matter how carefully worded, is an attack on a
volunteer, a fellow ham and a person who is a valuable resource to AMSAT and
the satellite community.
  I find it particularly interesting that you donít make your corrections to
Emilyís theory public. Perhaps you donít take criticism too well yourself.

Steve .. AI7W
Lm #2270

That WE does not include ME on all things...

I will agree that Emily has done an excellent job in the redesign of the
I will agree that Emily is very good at HTML.
I will agree that Emily is trying to be very active in Amsat.
I will agree that Emily is very active on satellites.

     I will state that it is my opinion that Emily does not take criticism
well at all,even if it is done in a friendly manner,I have been trying to
get her to fix the article that is on the Amsat website
http://www.amsat.org/amsat-new/echo/ModeJ.php  its theory is wrong, yes it
will work at curing desense but its  verbage of why it works is just plain

     Now before anyone jumps and complains why I am airing this here and not
via other means you have to understand I have tried.

    I have sent emails before and even a joint one to Emily and Ron who
helped her co-author the article in question, I pointed out why it was wrong
and what they might want to change it to, response? nada,it has been weeks
and weeks,this is bad that two AC's wont back their work,it is also bad if
articles posted to the website have no peer review for technical

    When I tried to get a glossary item fixed a long time ago that was
I sent a note to Emily andI was told "take it up with the ARRL,thats where
it came from"
that is the wrong answer... Amsat should always strive to be technically
correct and
"the" final answer for anything satellite related,I would rather point
people to the Amsat website for correct Sat info than to the ARRL website.
btw the ARRL fixed their definition so did Amsat after much banter.

   BTW there are many other glossary items that are wrong wrong wrong...

    I will also AGREE that this is a volunteer organization and many of the
volunteers work long hard hours,and I DO appreciate it, I also appreciate
the things that Emaily has done, but if your wrong your wrong and you need
to be open minded enough to check your research and verify it when
questioned about it.

Kevin WA6FWF
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