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Re: Computer Woes...

On Mon, Aug 08, 2005 at 11:51:38AM -0400, Christensen, Eric H wrote:
> Why don't you write your own article and do your own research and show where
> your idea is correct?  After you write it up, submit it to AMSAT to be added
> to the library.

He did.

> That is one thing I can't stand.  Don't talk about the problems, provide the
> solutions!

He did.

Kevin made a constructive effort to correct our own web pages through
proper channels. Emily's work is appreciated as a volunteer but when multiple
problems are ignored for months, Kevin had a duty to the membership
to make us aware of this.

It is very obvious Kevin was very reluctant to make this public but we all
want to work together to ensure our web pages are as complete
and correct as possible.

I would be more than willing to assist with update of web pages, if it is
a problem with Emily being overloaded. I did the http://www.oarc.net
pages for example. For those that know about such things, they are
validated with http://validator.w3.org as standards passing web pages,
so I can manage to help with some HTML. I'm sure there are others on
the list that can speak up and volunteer help, lets do our bit.

- 73, Diane VA3DB
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