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This is an area that is currently under 
re-development.  Currently information is in 
discrete HTML pages that were authored by several 
people over time.  Some were maintained, some 
were not.  The information from Steve N7HPR is 
pretty good generally, but there are some errors 
there, and satellites were dropped from the 
summary "Index" when they became non-operational.

The redesign involved designing a database to 
hold the information in a consistent 
manner.  This was not trivial, and will as we get 
data entered (I have one volunteer doing that 
presently) we might find that we have to change 
the database design to include other 
features.  We have a working prototype that we 
are using to evaluate the design and user 
interface.  One other goal is to improve the 
loading time, and provide a "one click" method to 
access all the information about a particular satellite.

Once we have "blessed" the database design we 
will provide an RSS feed and an XML interface with DTD and XSLT.

There is no "timetable" per se - this is all done with volunteer labour.



At 08:58 AM 8/8/2005, you wrote:
>If I may make a general, polite criticism about 
>the AmSat Op-/Non-Op/Status pages for the sats. ...
>Basically the information is not in a complete 
>and consistent format and varies from sat. to 
>sat. requiring additional searches to find the 
>full picture for each one. It would be nice (and 
>should be the case) that one click from the main 
>AmSat web page should enable us to look for an 
>individual sat. and instantly know it's history 
>and current status including modes, up/down-link frequencies, power levels etc.
>Loathe as I am to volunteer to gather this 
>information, I would be willing to do so over a 
>period of time but this would require the input 
>of informed sources, of which I am not one :-( 
>However, I'm sure that there are others better 
>positioned to do this in a more timely and accurate fashion.
>Any takers?
>Félim M3HIM
>RSGB: RS184119
>AmSat UK: 6464

W0EEC - CM87tm
AMSAT Area Coordinator - San Francisco Bay Area
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