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Troubleshooting G-5500 elevation rotator

Hello all,

I know some of you know these G-5500 units inside and out, so I'm asking for some pointers to help me debug my problem.

Yesterday, I found my array pointed "up" and stuck there...the computer control interface was still trying to change the elevation, but the control box didn't appear to be controlling the array.

A quick visual inspection showed that the coax had caught the array (it was wrapped tightly).  So, it appears to have been "caught" until something burned out (I don't know if the array was going UP or DOWN when it was caught, and it wasn't apparent).

Current observations--
1)the rotator will move the array UP, but it will not move it down.  

2)When pressing the UP control button, the light on the control box seems to "dim" more than I remember before (or am I imagining this?).  

3)When the DOWN control button is pressed, the rotator doesn't move, nor does the control panel backlight dim at all

4) azimuth control seems to be completely normal

Any suggestions as to where to look?  (I think it's not as simple as a broken azimuth control wire, but I'll double check..)

I'm guessing either a burned out rotator motor (but why can it go UP?) or some component(s) in the control box.

I appreciate any experience/advice...thanks in advance.


Mark L. Hammond    [N8MH]
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