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POSAT as a Digipeater

>> I always wonder WHAT IS THIS DATA  that 
>>everybody is sending thru the birds?  I can't 
>>imagine that much need for message traffic...
>It could be e-mail messages, news and general 
>info bulletins, Keplerian elements, packet radio 
>traffic (SatGate) destined for a remote corner 
>of the world, digital images, digital audio, computer 
>programs, etc.

All of which flood my PC every day from the internet.
But on the internet I can get 10,000 times more,
24 hours a day without waiting for a short 10 minute
access period.

Sure, there is a need for such a digital channel
to a remote HAM traveler in a remote area of the 
world.  But this constitutes 0.001 of the amsat
community.   This logic is what failed all the sat-phone
constellations.  Sure everyone wants a sat phone,
but when .9997 of everyone that wants one, can
use a $20 cell phone most of the time, the economics
are just not there.

Remember, the operation of an old pacsat-style
store and forward system is an UNATTENDED
mode of operation.  It is NO FUN,  It does nothing
but sell lots of complex automated toys for your
basement.  It does nothing to show Ham Radio
and Satellites to others.

But in my mind the REAL need for digital is in the
MOBILE environment.  Everyone of us is mobile
at least twice a day and sometimes that takes
us outside the existing digital amateur infrastrcuture.
That is where the digital satellites can do the most
for a very large number of hams.

SImply enable digipeating.  Let the user on the
ground determine how he will use this bent-pipe
capability.  Every D7 and D700 HT and Mobile
rig can communicate as is front panel to front
panel via a digipeating satellite and laptop
to laptop real-time with users at both ends. 
Any other HT and an external TNC can do the

 To me, this real-time, human-to-human comms
is the ideal "wireless" application of HAM satellites
TUrn on the digipeater and support hundreds
of users per pass...

The good news, is that POSAT can do BOTH all
the time shared.  Thus those that want to
send digital files back and forth can do it, and those
that want to do real-time digitial comms can do
that too...

Just operate it in digital mode with digipeat ON.

Bob, Wb4APR
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