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Re: MUF and connecting to sattellites


> Does the MUF effect how well one gets their signal to a satellite like
> PCSat2 on 29.400? For instance the MUF around my QTH is about
> 14 MHz at 12:35 UTC this morning. Want to try the 13:30 UTC pass
> today for PSK31 test.

It depends on the elevation angle to the satellite. The MUF might be 14 MHz 
when the signal is beamed at oblique angles, but at 90 degrees straight up, 
it would be about 3 to 4 times lower in frequency.

Since we're near the bottom of the solar cycle, where F2 layer propagation 
at 29 MHz is less common, I think the only ionospheric ionization you have 
to worry about is Sporadic-E.

73 Tony KT2Q
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