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PCSAT2 Telemetry

Hi David,

Great weekend at the colloquium, good to see everyone again and to  
catch up with the news.
Extremely suprised to get the G3AAJ cup and even more poignant this  

> Some note as to the meaning of the different colours would be good.  
> Is it current, old, and very old? But which is which.

Our main concern was for the NASA observers to have a site up and  
running on day one. The colours are well
known to them. We can now catch our breath and create a key on the  
page. It's hasn't been worth doing as we've already
had a load of changes from the primary users :-)

The 'age' of the data is identified by the what we refer to as the  
'latency' colour of the frame '00','01','10','11' with the lighter
blue colour being the latest received. A pass over a ground station  
may miss one of the frames and it's good to know
the context of the data.

> "live telemetry being uploaded by W7XXX"   would be a good  
> incentive to get people to contribute. I see the odd call nr the  
> top but not sure if that's the last contributor, last heard or  
> currently connected station.

That's the last packet heard, I.e. the last contributor. In the long  
term we'll have separate pages for a league table
and telemetry history. We are also planning a better 'status'  
reporting mechanism for the general user. This page
is intended to quickly convey raw data.


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