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Re: POSAT Mode - Your Say

I agree with Robin on this.  We used to have KO-23, KO-25 and UO-22 that 
were full time digital satellites.  We soon lost KO-23 and KO-25, 
leaving only UO-22.  Now it is gone too. We need at least one digital 
satellite we can depend on every day.  I still run a satgate station 
here and the terresterial packet traffic has had to sit here for several 
days at a time when the 9k6 BBS capability is off for various reasons. 
I think there are more FM/SSB voice capabilities available than digital 

Additionally, I have heard it said that PO-28 should be returned to 
operate as UO-14 did.  For those of us who can remember that far back, 
UO-14 was originally operated as a joint Amateur/Commercial digital BBS 
satellite before it was transferred to commercial operation and returned 
again later to Amateur service as an FM voice repeater.  It seems to me 
I recall that there was a technical reason for having to do that.  I may 
be mistaken.

Having a full time digital satellite made it possible for experiments 
involving remote Amateur digital WX stations in Antarctica that were 
digipeating data to South Africa and then being relayed to Students in 
California who built the stations.  All of this came to an end with the 
death of UO-22.

I plead for a full time digital BBS satellite.

Roy -- W0SL

> Date: Sun, 7 Aug 2005 14:49:09 EDT
> From: VEFRH@aol.com
> Subject: [amsat-bb] Re POSAT Mode - Your Say
> Let's look at this rationally,
> we have AO-51, AO-50, FO-29, VO-52, Even AO-7 all Low orbit Voice birds,  but 
> we don't have a full time Digital Bird.
> Now I like FM/SSB/CW etc operations but to get the most out of Digital  
> operations we need a full time bird .... It is no use sending a digital message  if 
> the bird changes to analog mode before the digital message has been  received.
> Personally I would like the digital mode on POSAT  then perhaps we  would not 
> need the digital mode on my favorite satellite AO-51.
> Don't look at POSAT as a single satellite - look at it in context with all  
> the other workable birds.
> Robin VE3FRH
> Past President AMSAT-NA
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