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Bravo John!

Call it digital diversity!
I know.. It's not as EASY as picking up a mic and saying "Can you repeat 

73, Scott

> --- John W Lee <k6yk@juno.com> wrote:
> > I always wonder WHAT IS THIS DATA  that everybody is
> > sending thru the birds?  I can't imagine that much need for message
> > traffic, and
> > at  38 KBaud?
> > .
> >
> > 73,
> > John K6YK
> Hi John.
> It could be e-mail messages, news and general information bulletins,
> Keplerian elements, packet radio traffic (SatGate) destined for a remote
> corner of the world, digital images, digital audio, computer programs, 
> etc.
> The satellite itself generates data, too.
> If the satellite has a camera, then earth images are also available.
> Depending on the sensors on board, the telemetry could contain interesting
> information concerning the near earth environment.  Log files show who's
> been on the satellite and when.
> It's not like packet radio.  It's not like the Internet.  It's a medium
> that is truly unique to Amateur Radio/Amateur Satellite communications.
> (Or at least one of the last few environments that have yet to be mimicked
> by the Internet or cellphones...)
> 73, de John, KD2BD
> Visit John on the Web at:
> http://kd2bd.ham.org/ 
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