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--- John W Lee <k6yk@juno.com> wrote:

> I always wonder WHAT IS THIS DATA  that everybody is
> sending thru the birds?  I can't imagine that much need for message
> traffic, and
> at  38 KBaud? 
> . 
> 73, 
> John K6YK

Hi John.

It could be e-mail messages, news and general information bulletins,
Keplerian elements, packet radio traffic (SatGate) destined for a remote
corner of the world, digital images, digital audio, computer programs, etc.

The satellite itself generates data, too.

If the satellite has a camera, then earth images are also available.

Depending on the sensors on board, the telemetry could contain interesting
information concerning the near earth environment.  Log files show who's
been on the satellite and when.

It's not like packet radio.  It's not like the Internet.  It's a medium
that is truly unique to Amateur Radio/Amateur Satellite communications.

(Or at least one of the last few environments that have yet to be mimicked
by the Internet or cellphones...)

73, de John, KD2BD

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