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I found from the Surrey website that the POSAT satellite was supplied with
either a 2.5 or 10 watt transmitter. I would think it is probably 2.5
watts to be safe.

When AO-51 or ECHO was transmitting 2 watts last year, I had no trouble
hearing it with just a diamond 500 vertical and a dual band FM rig.
A short run of 9913 coax and no preamp.
This is a very basic station many amateurs already have.

To promote my own self interests, I would like to see FM phone operation
on POSAT for at least half the time.

In general terms, this would be good to grow this aspect of the hobby.
My first satellite contact was with the MIR space station in 95 with just
a simple VHF rig and a vertical. It was a good introduction to satellites.

Whoever decides the operation of POSAT, please keep it simple.

I would still like to know the approximate downlink power.

Thanks, patrick n2oeq 32323
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