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Re: Digtal over Voice LEOs (WAS: POSAT Mode - Your Say)


You mean digital communications supports much MORE Bandwith.
There could be 100 users on a digital satellite at a time.
On VOICE birds, it is one user at a time, on a limited pass.

Then there are the satellite HOGS on FM VOICE.. won't even go there.

73, Scott

> After hearing much discussion about POSAT I just wanted to throw my 2 
> cents
> in...
> What many have complained about can be easily solved by a digital-only 
> bird
> setup as a digipeater versus using voice.  You don't have to worry about
> Doppler shifts as much as you do when you are using voice and multiple
> conversations can be going on at the same time without too much problem.
> I've worked voice LEOs and digital LEOs and must say that the digital LEOs 
> are
> far more efficient.  This is, however, depending on how you set them up. 
> I'd
> like to see POSAT be setup with digipeating capabilities (possibly on 
> 145.827
> MHz) to replace NO-44.
> Eric KF4OTN
> ---- 
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