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I always wonder WHAT IS THIS DATA  that everybody is
sending thru the birds?  I can't imagine that much need for message
traffic, and
at  38 KBaud? 

John K6YK

On Sat, 6 Aug 2005 20:24:57 +1200 "jtowler" <jtowler@xtra.co.nz> writes:
> I vote for any of:
> A) Full-time Voice mode, or
> B) Shared Data and Voice, but a regular schedule that does not need 
> constant
> checking of a web site ...
> But NOT for:
> C) Full-Time data.
> My wish would be for ISS to also be (A) or (B) per above.
> In due course, when P-3E and/or Eagle etc provide additional Voice, 
> I'd feel
> more happy to then support AO-51, POSAT, ISS etc to be a little more 
> devoted
> to data.
> Bottom line: If I want to move lots of data, I use the Internet. But 
> I want
> to talk Voice on the sats.
> However, I also support some data on the sats for those that wish 
> it, and
> enjoy it etc ...
> My 5 cents ...
> Jim Towler, ZL1TYF
> Wellington
> New Zealand.
> Member: AMSAT New Zealand.
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