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Hi Hams,

I think there is a strong need for a decent and very easy to work 
PACSAT back on air. There are currently several easy to work voice 
(FM and SSB) birds available in orbit.

Therefore, I would like to see a 9k6 PBBS system up and running. 
I think 38k4 is not really neccesary, since there are more stations 
on 9k6 than on 38k4 and even in case the earth imaging system on bord
of POSAT is still active (there has not been any reaction from Chris 
G7UPN yet about this topic) those photos had a much smaller file size 
than e.g. Tiungsat images so that a 9k6 downlink would be perfectly 
fine for that. (POSAT was the first bird to employ an advanced image
compression algorithm for its EIS-images for high throughputs at 9k6)

I would also accept the already suggested daily switching between FM 
repeater and data mode (9k6), in case this is easy to achieve by the 
ground station AND EVEN MORE IMPORTANT:all data stored in the PBBS
memory should not be lost by the daily mode switching.

To give you an idea what to expect from POSAT: on the current 429,950 MHz
downlink on a busy orbit (I am in range of several commercial downloaders)
I was able to collect up to 200 KByte data according to WiSP staistics
on an extremely simple 1/4 whip with a preamp. (while the same antenna 
was picking up no data decodings at all from the AO51 PBBS system)

This are just my 2 cents.

73 de Oscar, dj0my
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