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Hi all,
I do not know if Jim has had any personal responses to his enquiry  -
However it did bring to mind something that was mentioned
at this years Amsat - UK  Colloquium.
I gave a presentation  on " An Overview  of Prediction and Tracking
software" Due to the limited time factor and the number
of  software programmes available however I was unable to go into depth on
each ones merits and some of the problems or
requests that arise.
I know that many of the software writers do their best to respond to
enquiries which seem to re - appear on a regular basis.
It was proposed to me that it would be a good idea if perhaps " User
Groups" could be formed to help with exchanging any
information on solutions and possible updates to software.

Perhaps if anyone is willing, then now is a good time step forward and form
such agroup for the software that you have in use or
experience with.
We could publish details on Amsat web sites and publications that each
organisation produces.
Ken Eaton
Amsat - UK
Amsat NA
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