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Re POSAT Mode - Your Say

Let's look at this rationally,
we have AO-51, AO-50, FO-29, VO-52, Even AO-7 all Low orbit Voice birds,  but 
we don't have a full time Digital Bird.
Now I like FM/SSB/CW etc operations but to get the most out of Digital  
operations we need a full time bird .... It is no use sending a digital message  if 
the bird changes to analog mode before the digital message has been  received.
Personally I would like the digital mode on POSAT  then perhaps we  would not 
need the digital mode on my favorite satellite AO-51.
Don't look at POSAT as a single satellite - look at it in context with all  
the other workable birds.
Robin VE3FRH
Past President AMSAT-NA
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