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I welcome the suggestion that POSAT can be scheduled for a program of
different modes on different days of the week.  I feel that there is a need
for a fairly low tech data transmission system which could be used for
educational purposes. This would serve as an introduction to telemetry for
beginners and students. Perhaps one or two days per week could be allocated
for this purpose.

I would be interested in a program of data transmissions, similar to that
originally transmitted by OSCARs 9 & 11, containing TLM, WOD and a short
bulletin of POSAT schedule information & status.  I would prefer this to be
broadcast continuously, so that the data can be captured by simple receive
only stations, without the need for transmitting stations to request files.

I would prefer the data to be transmited as ASCII text, and not
compressed.  In the past I have downloaded large amounts of data at 9K6
Bauds, which has been rendered useless by a few missing or corrupted

IIRC when the microsats were first first launched, they did broadcast data
in plain text, or was it AX25 packets, at 1200 baud.  Then followed
broadcasting of 9K6 packets, which was then followed by the current system.
Could some of these simpler modes be revived? You can transmit a lot of
data even at 1200 baud!

I would also be interested in picture transmissions, perhaps on another
day. Could this be broadcast continuously, and formatted so that it can be
displayed without the need for 100% capture?  A slightly corrupted picture
is always better than none at all!

Other days could be devoted to FM voice mode, bulletin board and
advanced data modes such as 38.4 KBaud.

This is a wonderful oportunity for the Amateur Satellite community.  My
thanks to everyone who has made it possible.


	 Clive    G3CWV

         Hitchin, North Hertfordshire, UK.
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